When it comes to digital signage, the safe choice is the smart choice.

With CloudReady, you get a simple, powerful, and reliable way to deploy signage and kiosk apps—on the hardware you choose.

By deploying Chrome devices for digital signage and kiosk apps, organizations saw an 80% reduction in IT time spent deploying, managing, and supporting the devices—and the decreased burden on IT resources resulted in $1M in savings.

Transform your approach to signage with CloudReady.

Based on open-source Google Chromium, CloudReady delivers a Chrome OS experience on almost any PC, giving you the flexibility to turn any device into a signage device. 


CloudReady devices boot in seconds, are incredibly secure and reliable, and benefit from seamless, automatic updates. With CloudReady powering your signage, you can truly set it and forget it.


Get complete hardware flexibility to match any scenario, use case or global region. CloudReady installs in minutes via USB or mass deployment tools, and offers reliable support for both cutting edge and 10+ year old x86 player hardware.


Manage CloudReady devices just like a Chromebox or Chromebook. Enroll CloudReady devices in the Google Admin console alongside Chrome OS devices and use the same policies, configurations and signage content applications.

How confident are you that your screens are displaying the correct information? (Or any information at all?) 

How much revenue have you lost from unreliable legacy operating systems?

Say goodbye to the Blue Screen of Death.

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Forrester Research, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Chrome Kiosks And Digital Signage

"We started to see challenges with Windows updates and controlling the environment. In the last couple of years, we primarily moved to Chrome for our media player infrastructure. We wanted to find ways to repurpose the Windows 7 media players and get them onto what we believed was a more stable environment for digital signage, which was Chrome OS.”


Director, Entwined, regarding using CloudReady at his client Tabcorp

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